Greek salad.
Spinach, chicken, beacon, Santorini tomatoes, pineapple with orange dressing.
Goat cheese in a crust of muesli served with peppers and balsamic dressings.
Seaser in a crust of filo.
Avocado salade with roka, rokfor, κουκουναρια,and balsamic dressing.
Roka parmezana.
Mix green salad with xaloumi, grilled vegetables, and petmezi dressing.


T-Bone (Served with salad).
Baby beef steak (Served with potatoes).
Beef fillet (Served with steamed vegetables).
Chicken fillet (Served with wild rise).
Turkey fillet (Served with grilled vegetables).
Beef burger (Served with potatoes pure).
Shrimps (Served with grilled vegetables and wild rise).
Salmon (served with steamed vegetables).
Chipura (hole fish-served with salad).
Kalamari (served with seamed vegetables).


Zorba (with vegetables, feta cheese, olives).
Xavai (with pineapple, ham, onions, green peppers).
Faxita (with chicken, onions, green peppers).


Grilled vegetables.
Fava from Santorini served with carameled onion rings.
Grilled octopus.
Peppers from Florina staffed with Katiki Domoukou cheese with fresh onions.
Κalchounakia from Krete stuffed with Mizithra cheese.
Χaloumi from Cyprus in a crust of susami.
Variety of mushrooms in a white wine.
Milfey of eggplant with prosouto, goat cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil sauce.
Mix plate of cheeses and cooked pork meats.


Taliateles with salmon in a vodka and fresh onion sauce.
Taliateles with pesto.
Ligouini marinara.
Ligouini al olio.
Farfales with vegetables.


Risoto with vegetables.
Risoto with seafood.
Risoto with parmezan.


Cheese cake.
Chocolate mousse.
Lemon mousse.

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